Better Being Psychological Services, Inc.

At Better Being, we believe life is best met with the intention of constantly striving to be a healthier, more integrated version of oneself.  We believe the journey of self-growth is a lifelong pursuit, thus one is constantly moving toward “better being.” 

We offer holistic psychological services geared toward treating the whole person.  We consider our approach holistic, as we value the mind, body, and spirit and work to help you integrate all aspects of the self in a way that is genuine and congruent for you. To this end, we are committed to helping you on your journey through warm, non-judgmental exploration. 

Please note we have moved!  Our new address is listed below.


1601 Dove Street, Suite 193

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: 949-706-4889

Fax: 949-258-7799

Email: info@betterbeingpsych.com

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