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About  Better Being Psychological Services, Inc.

At Better Being, we believe life is best met with the intention of constantly striving to be a healthier, more integrated version of oneself.  We believe the journey of self-growth is a lifelong pursuit, thus one is constantly moving toward better being.  To this end, we offer holistic psychological services geared toward treating the whole person.  We consider our approach holistic, as we value the mind, body, and spirit and work to help patients integrate all aspects of the self in a way that is genuine and congruent for that individual.


Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that inspires psychologists and trainees to offer exceptional services and fosters healing and better being in patients.  As  part of our mission, it is extremely important that the environment within the practice is warm, supportive, and collaborative. Consultation and collaboration are stressed, as are healthy work-life balance and self-care for all psychologists, trainees, and staff members.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Positions

Full- or Part-Time

Description: Licensed Psychologist will conduct intake assessments, individual therapy, couple’s therapy, and/or psychological assessments.  Current positions available are for Licensed Psychologist who offer both telehealth and in-office services.  

Please note: The start date will be based upon the completion of the credentialing process with our contracted insurance companies.

Requirements: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) and a California license to practice psychology in good standing.

Application: Please submit a cover letter that includes your license number, theoretical orientation, and specialty and your Curriculum Vitae to Stefanie Tweedly, Psy.D. at  While conducting psychological assessments is not a requirement for this position, if you are interested in doing so, please submit a sample report as well. 

Post-Doctoral Psychological Associate Positions

Full- or Part-Time

Description: Post-Doctoral Psychological Associates are paid hourly and receive weekly supervision, in addition to impromptu supervision as needed. Post-Doctoral Psychological Associates will conduct intake assessments, individual therapy with adolescents and adults, couple’s therapy, and psychological assessments, with opportunities for co-facilitating workshops and group therapy. Services are provided both virtually and in-office.

Please note: The start date will be based upon the successful registration as a Psychological Associate with the California Board of Psychology. 


Requirements: A Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D.), including completion of a minimum of 1500 hours of pre-doctoral supervised experience, is required for this position.  Registration with the California Board of Psychology as a Psychological Associate is not required at the time of application, though must be obtained prior to beginning the position.

Application: Please submit a cover letter including indication that you are applying for the Post- Doctoral Psychological Associate position, a statement explaining your theoretical approach, what you would like to specialize in, and any mental health related license numbers you have been assigned, if any, your Curriculum Vitae, a copy of your transcript from your doctoral program (unofficial copy is acceptable), and a redacted sample report to Stefanie Tweedly, Psy.D. at  Two (2) letters of recommendation from supervisors who have direct knowledge of your clinical skills will be required, though not necessary for initial application if unavailable.  

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