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Benefits of Private Pay

While Better Being is in-network with some insurance companies (click here for list of insurance companies), it is important to understand that there are several advantages to paying out of pocket for psychological services (sample fees).  These advantages including:

  • Private pay allows us more flexibility to provide treatment that is suited to your unique needs, as we are not restricted by the rules set by the insurance companies.

  • Private pay allows you greater privacy and confidentiality, as we are not providing any information regarding your treatment to your insurance company.  When utilizing your insurance for services, your insurance company requires Better Being to provide information regarding your treatment, including, but not limited to, your diagnosis.* 

    • This means private pay provides additional privacy, as no third party payers will have access to your diagnosis, progress notes, or any other information that you wish to keep confidential.

    • Furthermore, private pay means no additional information will be added to your Medical Information Bureau consumer file based on your treatment at Better Being.  Thus, information regarding your treatment at Better Being will not be available for use by the Medical Information Bureau or the health and life insurance companies who comprise its membership.

      • For more information on the Medical Information Bureau, please visit their website  and see this article on patient empowerment, which includes links to several other sources of information on this topic.


If you wish to attempt to be reimbursed by an insurance company that is not accepted by Better Being, we will provide a Superbill to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.  Please note that will mean providing your diagnosis to your insurance company and your insurance company will not likely reimburse you for the entire cost of the session.

*Limitations to Confidentiality: Under certain circumstances, Better Being Psychological Services, Inc. is required to disclose private health information without your consent or authorization.  These limitations include: abuse or neglect of vulnerable persons, serious threat to health or safety, health oversight activities, public safety, judicial and administrative proceeding.  For further information see Notice of Privacy Practices.​

Fees and Insurance

Insurance Companies

Better Being Psychological Services, Inc. is currently in-network with the following insurance companies:

  • Healthnet HMO

  • MHN

  • UnitedHealthcare

  • Optum

  • Oscar

  • TriCare

  • Medicare 

Complimentary out-of-network billing is available for certain insurance companies, including Anthem Blue Cross.

Insuance Companies

Sample Fees

Intake for treatment (50-60 minutes): $250


Individual Psychotherapy (50-60 minutes): $200 

Group Therapy (75-90 minutes): $60 


Psychological Assessment: Based on referral question


No Show/Late Cancellation: Cost of scheduled service

Sample Fees
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